Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wikkit Sponsors Old Soul Rock & Roll Concert This Monday In Brooklyn

Wikkit is pleased to announce a TOTALLY FREE show tomorrow night (Monday, November 15th) at Cameo (inside the Loving Cup @ 93 N. 6th St. in Brooklyn - map) for anyone that gets their wireless ticket ("wikkit") and brings it to the show.

That's right--anyone can get their COMP tickets via text message at

Here's the lineup:

8pm - Reyka Open Bar Starts/Old Soul Introduction
9pm - Fugitive Souls
10pm - The Dream Station
11pm - Old Soul feat. Jené & Dennis Davis

*The evening is also being sponsored by Reyka Vodka, an incredibly smooth Icelandic Vodka made from the cleanest water on earth, filtered naturally through lava rocks. Don't miss Reyka's open bar from 8-10pm.


Wikkit is true ticketing democracy.

The idea for Wikkit started years ago when the founder and president of Wikkit got outraged after paying almost $10 in Ticketmaster's ridiculous "convenience fees" for a $20 concert ticket. He became determined to figure out a way to send tickets over text message so that anyone could afford to go to a show and offer ticketing fees that really are "convenient."

If you're a band and want to sell your own tickets to a show (or if even if you're just in charge of planning the next school dance), then you can create wikkit tickets at and your fans will get a wikkit texted to their phone and/or sent to their email account when they sign up.

Then you just need the FREE Wikkit app for iPhones or Droids to scan wikkits at the door. Without the costs of having to have a bricks and mortar storefront or delivery fees, Wikkit currently charges nothing for this service -- we just want you and your fans to have a convenient way to get your tickets quickly, securely and without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Don't forget to follow Wikkit onTwitter and on Facebook. You can also watch all the Wikkit videos on YouTube or on and download the The Wikkit Song from iTunes.

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